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Ringbearer Pillow

Everybody loves to see cute, little children involved in the wedding ceremony. Children brighten up the wedding party by their natural charm and angelic looks.

The best man has the traditional duty of keeping track of the marrying couple's wedding rings and to produce them at the symbolic moment of the giving and receiving of the rings during the wedding ceremony. In more elaborate weddings, a ring bearer, usually a small cute boy, who is a part of the family of the bride or groom, is involved in the wedding party. He will be carrying a small decorated satin cushion pillow to which the wedding rings will be sewn. The best man will take the wedding rings from the pillow and handover to the couples at the right moment.

Check Out Our Featured Products

Embroidered with splashes of celebratory red and finished with fabulous red satin flowers, this pillow is made to make the little guy shine in the spotlight. Each pillow measures 7" x 7"..
A perfect mix of vintage and new. This stunning ring bearer's pillow features a filigree smoky topaz crystal brooch that catches a wide swath of sheer bronze organza atop shimmery bronze satin.
Break out the paparazzi, this pillow's got the sparkle to give your rings the star treatment as your ring bearer marches down the aisle. Shamelessly celebrate your girlie side with an elegant buckle
This pillow is made of crisp white linen and comes embroidered with single shamrock with trinity knots incorporated within.
Get more products..  Get more products.. 
A very lucky ring pillow indeed, this handmade piece has four, genuine 4-leaf clovers enclosed in your choice of a white or ivory satin and organza.
This pillow is made of crisp white linen and comes embroidered with a pretty spray of shamrocks in your choice of green, gold, silver or white thread. A satin ribbon is included on top of the pillow and may be tied in a decorative bow or used to attach your rings to the pillow.
Our soft white satin pillow is studded with tiny sequins that shine in every color under the rainbow so it makes for a perfect match, no matter what your wedding colors are. Measures 7" square.
The dramatic touch of dark brown satin features alternating shiny and matte crepe squares design with gold filigree button center. Smaller dark brown satin ribbons on front are for tying the rings.
Hearts have been synonymous with Weddings seemingly forever. This romantic ring pillow has been artfully decorated with refined embroidery and hand beading for the perfect finishing touch.
A pair of beaded butterflies perch on this ring pillow to symbolize your new beginning. Made of white satin and wrapped with ribbon, the pillow comes with two silver rings attached. Measures 8" square.
Girls that love pearls will adore this ring pillow. It works well for either champagne or brown wedding themes. Glistening 7/8" champagne satin ribbon and a lustrous 1/2" faux pearl center are "meant to be" atop shimmering chestnut brown satin. Smaller champagne satin ribbons on front are for tying the rings. Measures 7 3/4" square. As a special touch, Eliza tucks a set of matching "faux" gold rings into each ring pillow box.
Tie the knot and use this very tasteful knotted bow ring bearer's pillow from Beverly Clark in ivory or white. An elegant and classic band of matte satin is fashioned into a dramatic knot to create the look. Comes with ribbon band on back of pillow to help small hands hold tight. Smaller ribbons on front are for tying the rings. Measures 8" square. As a special touch, Eliza tucks a set of "faux" rings into each ring pillow box in your choice of silver or gold.
Our fabulous ribbon colors allow you to customize the bow on your ring bearer pillow to match your color theme perfectly. First, pick a white or ivory pillow. Then, choose a ribbon for the bottom layer of your bow and a second color to layer over the top. Need help choosing your perfect color combination? Read Eliza's Color Tips.
The elegant silver butterfly with tiny crystals sits on a large abstract embroidered flower on a colored back ground. A great way to bring your rings to the alter. Four modern colors to choose from: Lavender, Pink, Blue and Green. Stay with one color or mix and match.


Here you can see a few tips for weddings with a ring bearer:

  1. Give the pillow (with the rings attached) to the ring bearer sixty seconds before he heads down the aisle in the processional. This will help avoid a catastrophe.
  2. Although there is no dress code, little boys look handsome in a tuxedo. Ring bearers can also wear a suit, or short pants and knee socks (in the summer), which may be more practical for the family because he can wear them again
  3. Ring bearer walks down the aisle just before the flower girl. Sometimes both the ring bearer and the flower girl walk down the aisle together.
  4. If your ring bearer is especially young, tie two faux wedding rings on his pillow, because a lot can happen between the foyer and the altar. Then the bride asks the maid of honor and the groom asks the best man to hang on to the real rings until the time comes. If he is really going to carry the rings, give him the pillow the second before he's "on."
  5. It is difficult for the ring bearer to stand for a long time and it is advisable to seat his parents in the front row so that he can join them immediately after his duty is over.
  6. You can ask one of the bridesmaids to take care of the ring bearer till the time comes for the wedding procession to begin. Alternatively if the parent is willing, he or she can be with him at the back.
  7. The ring bearer is not required to stand in the receiving line. After his duty is over, his other requirement is to take photos with the couple and the wedding party.
  8. Ring bearer pillows come in a multitude of styles and colors today.  Gone are the days when only white would do! Today you'll find white, ivory, and even pink ring bearer pillows to match the latest wedding dress styles.


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